Computer Setup

Ok, you’ve just purchased a new computer, or we have assisted you with advice on the best system for your needs. Fix It Home Computer Repair Brisbane will help you set up your new machine and connect any printers, scanners, webcams or other devices that you need to take full advantage of your machine. We can also help set up a wireless network for you, so that means if you have friends, relatives or kids come over, you can give them a password so that they can use your internet anywhere in your home or office. Do you have the new Windows 8 and hate the way that it looks? Fix It home computer repair Brisbane can restore the start menu for you so that it looks as familiar as your old computers. WE can also give you Tuition on how to use your computer or do certain tasks. PLUS this is something that most technicians don’t offer. I have screen recording software that can record what I do on your screen so that you can watch it at a later stage. If you’re anything like me, when someone shows me something, I remember for about 10 minutes before I forget. What we can do, is if requested I can record what I’m doing on your screen along with me speaking as I’m recording so that when I go, you can have your own personal tuition videos that you can watch to remind you of how we did certain things. Most of my customers love this option as we can watch.

Also, don’t buy a virus scanner without first consulting Fix it Home Computer Repair Brisbane. There are a lot of paid virus scanners out there, and there are a lot of free ones out there as well however choosing a good one can be hard. There is one particular virus scanner which Fix it home computer repair Brisbane recommends that the other companies don’t want you to hear about. Also, have you ever had a virus, even though you have a virus scanner on your machine? There is a reason for this, and once you know about it, you will be better equipped to find the latest ways viruses are able to install on your machine.

Other Really cool things that you can do with your machine is the following:-

  • Convert your existing DVD movies and videos to watch anywhere on your tablets, laptops and smartphones. Why buy a movie again for these devices when you already own the DVD?
  • Shopping in the US is the best way to avoid something we call the “Australian Tax” which is pretty much double what they pay in America. I can show you how to get a virtual US address for around $50 a year. This enables you to shop anywhere online in America with no limitation. Most US companies that ship to Australia mark up their costs as well as charge ridiculous fees for shipping to Australia. Why? Because they know that we can pay. By shpping to an American Address you aren’t going to be taken advantage of. PLUS what they can do is consolidate your packages into one box so that all your products come in one box as opposed to several packages. To make this even more amazing, is that the prices for shipping are half the cost if you were to walk into FED EX or DHL yourself because this company has an exclusive deal with them!
  • Every hard disk will fail over time. More and more customers are relying on their hard drives for all their precious photos that they will never be able to replace if something goes wrong. Fix it home computer repair Brisbane can help you back up your photos to the cloud so that it costs you absolutely nothing! Unlimited backup for photos online without costing you anything!
  • So many viruses are caused by downloading songs illegally. There are plenty of ways to listen to any artist, any song all completely free. The latest top 40 – all free. Let me show you how to listen to legal music from all the big artists that you know. Any song – guaranteed!
  • See this website? This cost a fraction of the cost that Australian companies charge. I can show you how to get a website or graphic designer for a fraction of the cost – usually under $15 an hour. They can also help your business with google AdWords as well as search engine optimisation.
  • Access your computer screen from anywhere around the world, as well as your files as if you were actually sitting in front of your computer. This is extremely handy if you forget a document or an email, you can just login and see your computer screen from anywhere in the world!
  • Video games are expensive aren’t they? What if you could buy video games for a fraction of the cost? Americans pay on average $50 for a game, as opposed to the usual rip off price of $100. Let me show you how to buy the latest video games for a fraction of the cost!
  • Want to watch movies? I can show you how you can access American movie sites so you can watch movies TV Shows (usually for free) in a completely legal way without risking yourself to getting viruses.