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Get your computer repaired by a Microsoft Certified Professional or a Dedicated Apple Technician! We have more 5 star reviews than any other computer repair company or store in Brisbane and have been on Channel 9 News.
Most repairs are completed within 24 hours.


(Including GST, No
Call-out Fees!)
No extra surcharge for weekends or public holidays Early or late availability. Your house, your home office, remote support, drop-off available

Extremely Competitive - Other Large 'Geek / Nerd' companies can charge up to $160 + $80 same day call out
A lot of Basic Problems can be fixed in the hour


Remote Support

Did you know that some computer problems can be fixed remotely? This option is usually only available as long as your computer boots and you have an Internet connection. As long as we don't have to physically open up your machine, we can do everything remotely from removing viruses to fixing up annoying error messages. Also with remote, we usually do it in the same day.

Drop My Computer Off

If you are near one of our service centres, you can usually drop a machine off to us. This can be a cheaper alternative if there are tests that need to be done, as we usually cap it at around the 3-hour mark. We sometimes can service machines the same day if you choose to drop it off to us.

Onsite Service

Our hourly rate of $120 is highly competitive and, unlike most other companies, we don't charge a call-out fee. Usually, if your computer is not loading, there is an Internet problem or a hardware problem and you have a fair idea what it's about without the need for a lot of diagnostics, this is your way to go!

Laptop Hardware /
Mac Hardware Problems Only

  • Laptop Screen Smashed or a nothing on screen?
  • Apple Mac Book or iMac not turning on?
  • Keyboard Not working / keys Missing?
  • Laptop is not powering on?
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Computer Slow or Have Viruses?

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Own a small Business and Need Business Solutions such as your own email or website?

We now design websites and Logos at a fraction of the cost that the larger companies charge! We also host your website on Australian Servers, other companies usually put your email and websites on servers located in other countries which can affect performance and reliability! Do you also need your business to appear on Google? We do search engine optimisation (SEO) which is how you found us to promote your business to get you extra work. Call and speak to the manager Robert.

Computer Repairs Tennyson


Tennyson is a river-side suburb of Brisbane, Australia and is located 7km south of Brisbane. Other suburbs that surround Tennyson are Graceville, Sherwood, Rocklea, Corinda, Yeronga, and Yeerongpilly.

In April 1823, Thomas Pamphlett and two others were shipwrecked on Moreton Island, and by walking, and using a native canoe. Walking upstream along the Brisbane River, they came to the Oxley Creek where two native canoes were seen. The group used a canoe to return to the coast and were found by Oxley in October at Point Skirmish, Bribie Island. The stretch of river adjoining Tennyson is known as Canoe Reach, a name that came from European contact that happened a few months before John Oxley’s settlement at Redcliffe. Canoe Reach extends downstream from Oxley Creek’s confluence with the river.

The area was somewhat flood-prone and the river flats were used for growing arrowroot and sugar cane since the 1870s. Sugar mill was built on the site later occupied by the Tennyson powerhouse.

In 1884, an early European settler named the area “Softstone.” This name remained until 1892. A railway was also built in 1884. The railway was built from Corinda to Stanley Street, Woolloongabba, as a way to transport Ipswich coal to the railyards. In 1887, the Softstone station was renamed Tennyson by when the district was known by that name. A settler bestowed the name on the area as a compliment to Lord Tennyson, a poet laureate.

The river frontages had two notable estates: Tintagel on the Brisbane River and Hayslop on the powerhouse site that adjoins the animal research centre in Yeerongpilly. In 1904, The Brisbane Gold Club moved from Chelmer to its present site at Tennyson/Yeerongpilly. The Tennyson Memorial Avenue was planted with trees after World War I, but away to the southwest industry was located between the railway line and the Moolabin Creek.

In 1925, Austral Plywoods opened a factory. The area had a cigarette factory, a wine warehouse, and a railway goods yard. Streets with Arthurian names were laid out between the railway line and the river streets. To the east, the Tennyson powerhouse for southwest Brisbane was built from 1949 to 1954. Although much maligned for the airborne ash during its operational life from 1954 to 1986, the power house’s grandeur came to be admired in some quarters once all the ash settled. Just as Tennyson was remembered by the suburb’s street names, Thomas Pamphlett was remembered by the Pamphlett Bridge over the Oxley Creek and the Pamphlett sea scouts.

After the power station remained idle for about 15 years, it was nominated for a film studio. However, the proposal was shelved. In 2005, Mirvac was given a contract for the power station suite to build over 300 apartment dwellings and a State tennis centre to replace the Milton venue. In 2009, the Queensland Tennis Centre opened with a 5500 seat centre court that adhere to international standards as well as 22 Internation Tennis Federation standard courts that include clay, grass, and cushion acrylic surfaces. The establishment hosts the Brisbane International Tournament annually. Oxley Creek hosts the Brisbane Canoeing Club while several northside Brisbane private schools have their sporting ovals in Tennyson.

In 2011, services to the Tennyson railway were suspended. At the moment, there are no future plans to reopen the station. Bus services run through the suburb as a replacement for the railway.

The Tennyson primary school opened in 1934 but was later changed to a special school in 1973.

Is your computer slow?
Is your PC not responding?

The Emotional Computer can help!

“Your Local Computer Repairs Tennyson Specialist”

We are experts in PC repairs in Tennyson. Our computer technicians can get your computer back as soon as possible. Our computer repair and services are performed by our professional team who are all experienced in a variety of home computer services. We also offer a wide range of similar services for Mac computers.

The Emotional Computer offers computer repair, service, virus removal, mac repair and IT support at affordable rates in Tennyson and surrounding areas. We repairs all computer and laptop brands such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung and Apple. We have the right tool to solve all your computer repairs tennyson worries.


We offer a same day repair and provide you with a fast running computer repair and maintenance service fulfilling all your computing needs. Established since 1995 we have 25 years experience providing quality, friendly computer support services. Our goal is to provide reliable, honest and affordable professional computer repairs tennyson services to both commercial and home customers.

Why choose Computer Repairs Tennyson

  • Provide professional IT services.
  • We keep it simple.
  • Our technicians are fully qualified
  • Provide on-site and remote support.
  • We are honest
  • Same day service
  • Hourly Rates


    We are your one stop affordable computer solutions for all your all Desktop and Laptop problems.

    Computer Repairs Tennyson Services

  • Remote pc repair
  • Computer virus repair
  • Broken laptop screen repair
  • Laptop power jack repair
  • Laptop lcd repair
  • Computer printer repair
  • Laptop hinge repair
  • Computer monitor repair and much more…...

    Call The Emotional Computer at 0410 659 349 today and put our computer repairs tennyson computer technicians to work for you!

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  • Other Services We Offer

    Computer Repairs

    We love fixing computers - no matter what brand or type of computer you have we can help. We are a family based business and have technicians all around the greater Brisbane area from North Lakes, Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan. Give us a call for any questions about any questions that you have.

    Apple Mac Repairs

    We love fixing apple products from Mac Book Air's to iMacs. Even if apple turn you away, give us a call as usually we can fix system boards as well, as opposed to you buying a new computer. The only thing we don't fix are iPhones and iPads

    Laptop Repairs

    Wether it's a smashed screen or you've spilt that evening wine all over your keyboard we can assist in finding the best way to get you up and running in no time along with our competitive prices for all your laptop hardware needs.

    Computer and Network Security

    Protect your financial records, photos, personal emails and other private data from identity thieves by letting us secure your computer for you.

    Computer Setup

    We'll come out to you and setup your new machine on-site, where you want it and how you want it.

    Computer Tune-up

    Computer running slow? Let us give it a good tune-up and it'll be fatser than ever before.

    Data Backup & Transfer

    Don't leave your personal data at risk of unrecoverable loss! Have us out to configure a backup of all your most important files.

    Data Recovery

    We know there's no worse feeling than when you think you've lost your data. Give us a call - we're determined to help you recover it!

    Email Setup

    It's hard to get by in this day and age without using email. We can come out to setup an email account for you and show you how to use it!

    General Troubleshooting

    We can fix it all! Next time you can't get that pesky program to work or your device won't sync properly, let us worry about it.

    Hardware Installs

    Need a new piece of hardware installed? PC running slowly and think it might be time for an upgrade? We can help!

    Hardware Repair

    Motherboard fried? We'll replace it. Faulty RAM slowing your PC down? We'll upgrade it. You can't scare the Geeks - they literally do it all!

    Insurance Reports

    Water damage? Storm damage? We'll do a full diagnosis and write up a detailed and concise report for your insurer! Let us help make the claim process easier!

    Mobile Device Setup

    Call us out to get all of your mobile gadgets setup and syncing with your computer!

    Operating System Install & Repair

    If your PC is experiencing serious performance issues, a damaged or currupted operating system may be to blame. We can help repair or reinstall it!

    Setup a Wireless Home Network

    Your local Geek can setup a secure wireless network in your home so that you can share anything and everything between as many computers as you like.

    Setup New Equipment

    Just bought a new printer? Need a webcam isntalled? We'll connect and configure almost any peripheral device to work with your particular computer.

    Software Install & Setup

    There are literally thousands of software programs on the market. We can help you install and setup almost all of them.


    Learn more about your technology and what it can do with out friendly one-on-one training that will ensure you get the most out of your technology investments!

    Virus & Spyware Removal

    Is your desktop running slowly? Are friends complaining about receiving emails from you which you never sent? Your computer may have "caught" a virus! We can check it out!

    New Computer Build

    We can custom build you a brand new machine that is a fraction of the cost of what you will pay at retail stores and loads up in 15 seconds.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    If you are a business owner that wants to be found on google, we can help. Let us help you soar through the ranks!

    Website Designs

    We make Amazing websites for a fraction of the cost. See our past work at zoowebdesigns.com.au

    Logos / Phamplets / Business Cards

    Starting up a new business and want either a Logo or a business card done? Speak to us today and let us create one just for you!

    Redesigns / Updates to websites

    Already have a website but unhappy with parts of it. We can change or update your website with the latest content or changes you request.

    Website Hosting

    We host our websites in Australia - not overseas. Any issues you speak to an Australian not overseas. 24x7 support.

    Domain / Custom Emails

    Do you want your own domain name or a custom email address so you can appear more professional. We can help!

    NBN Setup and installation

    We can assist with transferring you over to the NBN as well as the best plans to choose from. Sometimes the bigger companies such as Telstra, Optus, Iprimus are not the best ones to choose!

    Hate windows 10?

    We do as well. Windows 10 is designed for touch screens not people who have a keyboard and mouse - let us help to customise windows to make it more user friendly to the old Windows 7 such as bringing back the old start menu.

    Software Sales and solutions

    We sell all software at a reduced rates where possible. Including Microsoft office 2010, 2013, 2016 as well as the latest windows 10 and everybody's favorite Windows 7 so that you don't have problems with those forced updates.

    Cloud backup / Storage solutions

    Every hard drive will fail. It is just a matter of time. Let us direct you to the best cloud storage solutions for you so that you will never loose your precious documents, photos or Data.

    Gsuite / Office 365 business solutions

    If your wanting solutions for the two above products let us know we can set you up and configure all your accounts and zone editor settings.

    Laptop Sales

    If you don't want us to build you a computer and need a laptop as you want it to be portable we can offer a buying service for you or just give you general advice on the best laptop / specs based on your needs.

    Server Support

    Do you have a server that you are having problems with or is running slow or needs an upgrade? We can assist small businesses with getting their server up and running again in the quickest time to prevent business impact.

    Preventative Maintenance and general Computer Care

    9 times out of 10 you can prevent something from happening to your computer by having regular check ups and maintenance. There are several things we can look for that can usually take an hour to ensure that your not going to run into a catastrophe anytime soon!

    General Advice for all your tech questions

    Are you having trouble determining what phone you should buy or what tablet you should get? Do you need advice on what internet provider has the best plans available. We are happy to give non biased advice for these type's of questions you may have.

    Help you get better deals on your ISP

    Finally you have a friend in the business! In some cases we can actually call up your ISP and get a better price for you because we are aware of what other ISP companies are charging and can save you $$$ of your bill per month or a higher data rate.

    Get started with crypto currency

    While we are not a financial advisor a lot of people Are wondering how they can buy and get started with bitcoin, etherum and other alt coins. We can assist with the technical know how to do this as well. Assisting with Entry into and out of fiat and sending to exchanges.

    In The Media

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